30 Greatest Films

While in London in September, 2012, for the first annual London Labour Film Festival, inspired by the endless publicity by the British Film Institute and the National Film Theatre for their Greatest Films of All Time^ that they compile every ten years, I compulsively started to compile my own list of the greatest films. Turned out I couldn’t limit it to ten! It has three overlaps with their list (Vertigo, Searchers, The Rules of the Game). I couldn’t bring myself to rank order by preference so my list is alphabetical. It includes at least ten films (with *) that I use to teach metropolis/megalopolis:

Apocalypse Now

Bad Day at Black Rock

*Blade Runner

*Blow Out

*Blow Up

The Blue Eyes of Yonta


*La Ciudad (The City)

The Conformist

*Darwin’s Nightmare

Don’t Look Now

The Manchurian Candidate





The Night of Shooting Stars

On the Town

On the Waterfront

The Organizer



Rear Window

Rules of the Game

The Searchers

Seven Samurai

The Seventh Seal

The Sorrow and the Pity

The Third Man



The Wild Bunch

Wild Strawberries

*Workingman’s Death

(OK, that’s 34, don’t be so persnickety.)

^BFI/NFT List in Rank Order:


Citizen Kane

Tokyo Story

The Rules of the Game

2001: A Space Odyssey


The Searchers

Man with a Movie Camera

The Passion of Joan of Arc

8 1/2

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